quinta-feira, 13 de dezembro de 2012

Grand Fans Japanese Fabric - Wine/Gold

During the Edo and Meiji periods, elite classes commissioned complicated and diverse fabrics in rich silk brocades and filmy gauze weaves. The lower classes, working within the strictly regulated feudal guidelines for clothing material, patterns and colors were not stagnant during this period.  
They often created new forms with bold images that were intricate in their subtle nuances.  

Dyeing emerged as an art form in its own right during this period.  
Although the use of vibrant colors was often prescribed by the Shogun or economically cost prohibitive, the use of brighter colors increased during this period.

Through the centuries, Japanese textiles have often followed two diverse genuses – the textiles produced for and worn by commoners and those of the higher social classes.  
Although it might at first be thought that the one could never rival the other, in artistic form and creativity, both branches of the textile art are deeply moving embellishments of the country's folk culture.

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